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Large Pay-Out for Every Kind of Partner

We have been in business since January 2012 and have grown through our clients and our partners.  Our standard compensation is:

  • For CPA, we pay $320 or
  • CPA of $500, but it will be 50% of each deposit
  • For Revenue Sharing, we pay 30% on volume traded
  • For a Hybrid Model (CPA & Revenue Sharing), we pay $160 + 15%

For information on our 400% Bonus and Sushi (Raw) Spread - Read Below

For Further Information, Register HERE, or contact Dan

Just-Added Features of Caesar

  • We use proprietary software to monitor both Current and Potential customer in order to help retain and better respond to traders.  The software was create by CPattern - And used primarily by large well-known brokers
  • We now offer a great Payout card for you and your traders from Intercash.  Not only can you receive payments with this, but you also can use it as a credit card
  • Marketing services.  We can assist you in producing high quality banners and landing pages according to your needs.
  • We now offer Offshore services such as: Company & Bank registration in many different regions. Even Credit Card processing

Key Features of the Caesar Advantage

  • HIGHER conversion rates
  • Usually, our Affiliates bring to us 20-25 traders per month.
  • No Language barrier.  Our promotions are so good that through word of mouth traders understand what we are offering, or make a point to.
  • Clients can have more than one account which allows them to try different strategies
  • We have every Forex and CFD product available for trading.

There is NO excuse for a trader not to try us out.  We have made our offers affordable for the cautious and concerned trader to incentives for the traders who take the markets seriously.  Sign Up TODAY, or contact Dan

Invest in our Marketing Budget

A new thing that we are offering is to offer you a chance to invest in marketing campaigns with us in leading Forex portals. The minimum investment is $10,000.

  • We will pay 4% a month and pay your initial investment in 6 months time.
  • If we pay early, we will pay a 10% premium

For more information and a breakdown of expected revenue, please contact: dan.gold@caesartrade.com

Refer a Forex Friend - Get Paid on Every Deposit

Go here to learn more: Refer a Forex Friend

Sushi (Raw) Spreads

  • For CPA, we pay $120.  
  • For Revenue Sharing, we pay 30% of spread that is withdrawn (As we don't make revenue until a withdrawal occurs)
  • For a Hybrid Model (CPA & Revenue Sharing), we pay $100 + 15% of spread that is withdrawn (As we don't make revenue until a withdrawal occurs)

Earn with our 400% Bonus Offer

  • If you bring more than 5 customers, we pay 10% on the first deposit 
  • For CPA, we pay $320 on the second deposit.  
  • For Revenue Sharing, we pay 4% on volume traded - on second deposit
  • For a Hybrid Model (CPA & Revenue Sharing), we pay $160 + 2%